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Internet Advice


How To Protect Your Internet Computer Protect your Windows based computer from harmful internet programs.
3 Simple Email Rules How to avoid harmful programs that are spread by email.
Anti Virus Programs Some excellent anti-virus programs that won't break the bank
Learn How To Identify Fake Emails Study these examples of fake emails so that you won't be tricked when similar ones arrive in YOUR inbox.
Making Purchases On The Internet Things to be aware of when using the internet for buying things.
Domain Names - A low cost business essential. You're crazy if you're using the internet for business and you don't have your own domain name. This article tells you why.
Choosing a Domain Name Should you get a .com or .com.au ?
What other types should you register?
What do you need to be careful of?
What's the "Radio Rule", and why is it important? - plus MORE!
All About Web Hosting Should you get a Free Website, or use Web space included with your ISP account. What's the advantage of using a professional Web Hosting? They all have their place.
Unlimited Bandwidth A modern day fairy tale.
5 Common internet problems

Common problems that could be driving people away from your website - and costing you business.
The scary part is that your web developer probably doesn't know 2 or 3 of them.

Don't Let Your Domain Name Expire New rules mean that it could cost $A400 or more to get it back.
Useful Software The programs that we use to make our life easier and more productive.
Sending Email Do you know the difference between To, CC, and BCC ?
Using the wrong one could make you a law breaker.
Are YOU an Email DORK? 6 steps to more effective email use.
10 ways to improve your Business website 10 of the simplest. most overlooked things that you can do to improve your website .
(Your website designer will probably disagree with at least 3 of these)
SPAM proofing your website. How To reduce the amount of SPAM you receive.
A simple, reliable way to back up your computer Backups are usually ignored by small businesses. Until one is needed. Here's how we back up our systems quickly and easily.
Beware of CD ROM's offering trial internet connections. A cautionary tale for those tempted to run one of those free CD's that ISP's give you to try out their services.
Solve all your problems and get rich on the Internet Yeah. Right.
$55 for a Spoonful of Printer Ink. More expensive than Chanel #5. What a rip off!
We'll never buy anything from a certain printer manufacturer again. Discover who, and why in this article.


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