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Virus & SPAM protection for our clients

Our clients enjoy a high level of protection from the viruses and SPAM that are transmitted through the email system.


VIRUS Protection

Every message that passes through our mailservers is checked for viruses and other harmful content by our constantly updated scanning system.

Our scanning system is fairly aggressive, and we block some items that other companies allow through.

For example, we do not allow sending executable files (ie com, exe, bat, cmd) through our email system. These type of files commonly contain programs that are harmful to your computer.

If you really need to send this type of file, it must be put into a ZIP file first.

Please Note: We do not guarantee that our systems will stop all harmful content sent via email. We strongly recommend that you still operate your own up to date virus checking program on your computer.

SPAM filtering

We provide several levels of SPAM filtering for our clients. Every message passing through our mailservers is checked against selected Real Time Blacklists (RBL's) which daily stop thousands of messages that are generated by the most prolific "SPAM FARMS" (See www.spamhaus.org for information about one of the RBL's that we use.)

Due to the ever increasing Internet SPAM loads, (almost 90% at some times) we have also implemented checking of incoming email messages for SPAM before they are enter our mail system. Several hundred indicators of SPAM are examined, and each message is assigned a score. If a message receives more than a certain (VERY spammy) score, it is immediately deleted.

Fine tuning of our Anti SPam systems is carried out in consultation with out clients, so that we can try to make sure that no legitimate messages are deleted.

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